Hello everyone!

I’m Dilusha Gamage, A Tech Influencer, A Blogger, Corporate Trainer, and a Consultant. I have a passion for new technologies and especially in the technological disruptions in the finance sector.


My Mission

My mission is to create a platform on the internet for you to have a debate about the latest technological changes in the world and to be prepared. Let’s talk about areas where we can develop and improve ourselves to be ahead of time.

I want you to be one step ahead in adopting and embracing the evolving world of technology.

A little bit more about me.

I’m a finance professional with over 10 years of experience in the corporate world. I have been involved in financial accounting, financial management, financial analysis, and corporate financing.

I have a special interest in public speaking which creates an impact of inspiration in people’s lives.

I love playing badminton and consider it the only sport I’m good at.

I once was intimidated by technology and it’s extremely fast-evolving nature. I struggled to keep up and was resistant to adopt the changes.

Then I got obsessed with the highly evolving technological world and followed courses, seminars, and many other materials to acquire the knowledge.

Now I’m trying to share my knowledge and create debate among you.

What I believe in

I’m a strong believer in embracing change for improvement. If you don’t adopt, the world will move forward, leaving you behind. This is common for both individuals and businesses.

I welcome all of you to my blog and invite you to actively participate and engage with discussions. Let’s be ready for the future !!!

My Credentials

Successfully completed a course in FINTECH from the Harvard university.

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