FINTECH – Financial Technology

FINTECH – Financial Technology is the next big revolution in financial sector. The technology has already started disrupting many aspects of finance sector around the world.
How much time you spent in a bank to get your financial needs fulfilled?

How many days you have waited for a single bank loan to be processed and the funds to be transferred to your account?

How much transaction charges you have been paid to transfer your own money to a third party?

How many institutions you have to keep contact with to get your financial requirements fulfilled?

How long you have to save money to invest in real estate?

How hard it is to convince a financial institution to invest in your revolutionary business initiative?



If you could get all your financial services such as loans, insurance, investments, savings etc. done through one place.

You don’t need to contact any human being to get these services fulfilled.

You have the ability make your investments across the world in a click of a button.

A machine or robot will manage your wealth to give you the highest return without your involvement.

An online platform will finds millions of investors for your revolutionary business initiative.

A world with paperless but secure financial transactions.

Well it’s not an imagination anymore. The world is almost there

Are you ready?

Financial Technology which is commonly known as FINTECH is the technological disruption into the Financial Services industry. This is the next big evolution in the financial industry which has already begun in some parts of the world and demonstrating a promising evolution by disrupting the legacy systems.

Following are few examples of the changes already taking place and the changes to be taken place in the industry
  • Reshaping the banking and payment systems – All you need will be your mobile phone to execute any payment to anyone in the world
  • Raising money with FinTech – You will not need to have a perfect proposal and wait for a bank to finance your idea. Millions of people around the world will be able finance your financial requirement in small amounts through an online platform.
  • Harnessing data with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Processing huge amounts of data for decision making will be done with a click of a button.
  • Transforming personal finance with Fintech – A robot or a computer application will take care of all your personal financing and take away all the stress of human interactions
  • Blockchain and Crypto currency – All the data and information will be saved in blockchain and maybe crypto currencies will take over fiat money.

It sounds very interesting, but not so easy. There are many challenges to overcome while adopting to these changes. Change can always be painful if you don’t manage it well.

Let’s discuss about these areas in detail with the upcoming newsletters.

Stay tunes and get yourself prepared if you don’t want to be left out in this evolution.


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