How to Future Proof Your Career and Why

Most countries around the world is relaxing locked down and started economic activities while following strict health and safety measures. Most of companies, businesses and government organizations are re-starting work after few months. Do you believe Work from home is the new normal? Or do you believe going back to work as usual is normal? I would say Work from anywhere you like is the new normal. This has changed the perception of employers around the world towards employees. That means you have to make some changes in yourself to future proof your career. Let me explain why and how.

While there were many technological advancements taking place around us, we were not so keen on embracing change so fast. Many of our companies and organizations were comfortable following the same work patterns and processes as it served the purpose. However, COVID-19 pandemic has put all of us on spot and made us realized we were not ready. This pandemic is a unique experience which made us think differently. No matter what you do in life, you must have realized you need to make certain changes.

3 Things Employers have Realized due to Pandemic
  1. Most of the employees of an organization do not really have to report to an office.

All most all the types of businesses were compelled to manage continuing business under locked down. Surprisingly most of them did. Majority of the workers were able to do their job remotely. Then the question is do we really need to go to an office?

  1. Recruitment does not have geographical barriers.

If a specific task can be done remotely, why an employer hire someone who lives within a certain geographical area? You can hire anyone from anywhere in the world. The pool of talent available for a certain job expanded.

  1. No need to compensate for re-location and living cost in a city.

In Srilanka, most of the employment opportunities revolve around Colombo city. So, people compelled to move in to the city to find a job. High density of population in the city results high living cost. Employers have to structure salaries to compensate this. This concept is irrelevant if the job can be done remotely.

This realization can turn the future job market upside down. How are you going to thrive in that market? Well you have to change your game plan. Let me help you with that.

3 Steps to Future Proof Your Career
  1. Get yourself organized for remote working

You may have started going to office again after locked down. What is the guarantee you have, that the pandemic situation or something totally different may not trigger again in future? At the same time, we all pray and hope for the pandemic not to rise again, we have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

It’s important to equip yourself with technological tools available to facilitate remote working. Get yourself familiar with cloud system. This allows you to pick up on your work from anywhere. Google is a great resource for this. Transferring all your documents and resources to google drive and get used work in google sheets can help. A laptop or a PC and a good internet connection is critical.

Get yourself disciplined to work remotely. This has more to do with your psychology. You have been working in an office for a long time and it’s not easy to change that behavior. Self-discipline and focus are very important. If you are not disciplined you will find it very difficult to achieve the same level of productivity when you work remotely. Find few tips here

Please remember there are many artificial intelligence based tools which allows your employers to monitor your productivity and work even though you work remotely. Just an app or a software will monitor the time you spend on the computer, your mouse clicks, the articles and websites you visited etc. which gives a good insight to your employer on what you have been doing.

  1. Have multiple earning skills.

Recruiting permanent employees may not be the best approach for employers in the future. The trend is more towards outsourcing and employment through contract. This gives more flexibility for employers and also it gives better reach to talent. For you to secure your livelihood in future, you need to be ready for this as well. Being specialized in one specific area may not help you a lot.

In the future you will need to have multiple earning skills in hand. If you have been doing a repetitive task as your job which is easy to automate, you are at risk. It is very important to acquire few skills which you can offer online. Eg: Digital marketing, Web development, App development, Virtual accounting services, Software development etc.

Future of job market will be very unstable and volatile. It’s better to be ready with few skills in hand and work for few companies at the same time.

  1. Work from home or from anywhere you like.

There was a trend to re-locate for employment. This had a major impact on your life. You may have to stay away from your family as it is too expensive and complicated to re-locate the entire family. You may have lived in a small apartment or in a rented room which is not so comfortable. Also, you may have planned to invest in re-location and moving in to city with your family.

This might not be really necessary in the future. Remote working will allow you to be with your family. If you are a lover of beaches, take your laptop and rent a place facing beach for sometime and work from there. If you are lover of hills, just pack your bags and move.

Permanent re-location or staying in one place waiting for a long weekend may become outdated concepts in the future. This will be cost effective and also it will give a stress-free relaxed mindset to work.

Future of work will have dramatic changes from what we have been doing all these years. It may not take too long. Lot of people around the world lost their jobs and will loose their jobs in this economic downturn. There is no point blaming the government, employers or even god. Solution is to be prepared and future proof your career.

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